Our Segway, or “SBS” (short for “Self-Balancing Scooter”), is our current project.  It is also our most independent project yet!  Our scooter is based on the original Segway created by Dean Kamen in 2004, with a few alterations that we thought of and found on other DIY Segway projects.

In case you’ve never seen a Segway before, it looks like this:

It’s basically a platform with two wheels attached to it.  There’s a battery, two motors, and some computers and sensors that control it.  There’s also a set of handlebars that let you steer the device – you know, so you don’t crash into trees and people.  Sounds pretty simple, right?

We have to plan out the device, program the computers, and produce a working machine.  We’re progressing steadily – we have written a basic program and actually have a balancing vehicle.

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