Our team wanted to develop a robot that was ideal for demonstration and casual driving, with intuitive drive, long battery life, and a durable chassis. RA-6 is the result.

This robot is powered by SunSPOTS: tiny, self-contained, Java-powered computers that are capable of controlling all kinds of digital and analog devices. With the team’s custom program, RA-6 uses an onboard 3D accelerometer for highly intuitive driver control that even preschoolers have been able to master in minutes.

The robot uses six-wheel drive and a unique system of suspension that enables it to drive across nearly anything you put it in front of, from tank traps to stairs. The combination of this trait and our simple system of easy, gesture-based drive make RA-6 an ideal robot for public demonstration.

Each wheel is independently powered. We calculate the amount of power to send to each wheel based on the readings from the accelerometer, and the values given from those calculations pass through the computer to the motor drivers, and from there to the motors themselves, allowing our robot a great deal of freedom in nuance of movement.


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